The Cleanse

by Quinton Randall

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The Cleanse describes my growth as an artist during the time I've been a musician. It talks about the trials and tribulations that I went through to get to my clean slate.


released March 26, 2015

Arranged, Composed & Performed by Quinton Randall
Produced by Don Trunk
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Dream 1st Studios
Photography, Album Art+Graphic Design by Alex Alexander


all rights reserved



Quinton Randall Baltimore, Maryland

Quinton Randall distinctive growling vocals and wailing guitar work have become a favorite of any audience lucky enough to hear it. “I want them to feel a sense of hope, clarity, and freedom” says Quinton Randall, also known as “Q," His earthy tones resonate with his mixed audiences. His mission is to give his audience what music gave to him, which is an outlet. ... more

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Track Name: The Life
If I never make it to heaven.
I’ll ask the devil what’s in store for me
I hope my time on earth has paid its price
It’s hot down here
Say I want to go home
I want to leave this place
These walls are talking to me
These scars are healing from you
I’ve climbed the mountain just to fall down
I’ve sailed the seven seas just to turn back around
When the sun sets across the sand.
The stars come out at night
My thoughts of you take flight across the sky
As it withers into the wind as it blows
Take me away from this hellhole. Let me fly like an eagle 2x
Wash my hands, wash my hands of sin
Death came to me in my dreams.
Days were long, hours go as time passes by
Let’s talk about love Mama
Let’s talk about drugs Mama
Let’s talk about pain Mama
Let’s talk about our strain Mama
These marks on my arm
Were then not now
For I have found what I was looking for 2x
Track Name: The Chase
Sometimes I feel
Like the world is on my shoulders
Sometimes I wonder
If I’ll ever get out of this hole
I know you love me
But sometimes I just don’t know
I’m trying to find peace within
I’m running out of time 4x
My grandmother told me the moon
Turned blood orange
The day I was born
A rose
Rose up out the concrete in Baltimore
Bright lights in a big city
Will drive your mind crazy
Doubt in my mind when I roll into town
Trying to break even
I’m trying to find peace within
I’m running out of time 4x
Sometimes I feel
Like the world is on my shoulders
Sometimes I wonder
If I’ll ever get out of this hole
I know you love me
But sometimes I just don’t know
I’m trying to find peace within
Track Name: Round Bout Midnight
Early Saturday morning
I’d rise like bread
Visions of my dream
Still dancing in my head
The fall and the rise
From day to the night
In her eyes I saw the light
Like a train 2x
I say round about midnight
Caught me by surprise
On an empty road
Guitar on my back
I was coming home
I say round about midnight
Like a train 2x
I say round about midnight
She said honey I know
You like to roam
She said honey I know
You like to roam
But I’m glad your home
You came back home to mama
Like a train 2x
I say round about midnight
Track Name: No Ordinary Love
Her river runs deep. So she sleeps on the streets
Fulfills men’s fantasies
Home of the brave. A country that’s free
Feeds her insecurities
She says
I have nothing of my own but men who have their hold on me
She says
I have nothing to give but a love that is no longer my own
This is no ordinary love 4x
Young man
Heart full of gold
Wanders aimlessly around in the dark
Brotherhood of the traveling pants
That’s he’s worn since June
He cries at night
Praying to the Lord above
To have mercy on him
He wipes his face
Goes on his way to find
A place to stay
This is no ordinary love 4x
They cross paths and talk of each other’s lives
He finds comfort in her eyes
These are the tales of those who tales have not been told 2x
This is no ordinary love 4x
Track Name: Same O'L 2 Step
Same O’l 2 Step
It seemed like a good idea at the time, as I walked her to the floor
She was the vision of a beauty queen with a figure so hard to ignore
But the strangest thing unfolded in front of my eyes as we got into the groove
She looked at me wrong every time I tried to lead
Stepping on my toes with every move
My better judgment failed me. I didn’t get out of her way
Instead I leaned a little closer asked was everything ok
Her head just hit my shoulder, I heard her start to cry
Didn’t have to say a word, before she told my why
She said "pain from my past have put doubts of my future
with wounds too deep for doctors to suture. Making her a bad partner for this tour”
My look in surprise saw the tears that fell from her eyes
and knew she wasn't talking about the two-step no more
You never know where your lessons come from
So when get it, take that chance
The pain could be the blessing in disguise
But the hardest thing to learn is when to just say thank you for the dance
Simple thoughts ran through his head at a pace too fast to understand
The nurse told him "try not to move" as his friend squeezed the other hand
The doctor's news had hit him hard
like a brick upside the head. Cuz he knew that night he was lucky
not to have ended up dead
And all he could think was "How did it get to this?
Lord, I'm gonna need a lot more time
Cuz I know I’ve got many more songs to sing,
and I wanna write the perfect line"
You never know from where the next lesson’s coming from
So when you get it, take that chance
The pain maybe the blessing in disguise
The hardest thing you learn is when to just say
Thank you for the dance
Track Name: Who Are You
He walked into the place she knew exactly what he wanted
Jamaican white rum in a short glass
On the rocks he always ordered
His normal smile is gone and face is long
He got pains on his heart
You can read it on his face then the drinking starts
Who are you(3)
It'd be easy just to leave him in his thoughts and with his drink
But then again he needs a friend I've got an ear an open mind
Empty bar nothing but time. Got my own special glass of wine and ask what's on his mind
Ask what's on his mind
Who are you (3x)
What troubles you?
Quinton “Q” Randall
He walks the street to find food. Bare feet broken sandals
Heart on his sleeve in the palm of his hand is his bible
That he reads
Shaken and disturbed, bruises on his eye
Nightmare he left behind.
Who are you (3x)
Love The Poet
I see you watchin' waitin...wonderin
Who's this woman just walked in
Saw you tap the table drinkin. Tonight I am your sin
No tequila needed you taste me like I'm gin
The bathroom stalls are crawling
With creatures of the night
I won't be yours tonight
Who are you (3x)

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